Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions which are listed in this section are for this site only found at (http://aussieflatmates.com.au/). In this section, the terms our, we and us are used to refer to the site proprietors. Whereas the term "YOU" suggests the visitors and customers of the site.
This section incorporates every one of the liabilities official upon the client of the site and the proprietors and furthermore about how we guarantee the security of your information and use it. The accompanying conditions are BINDING upon you in case you wish to continue using this site. WE WILL NOT assume any liability if you have not first read them and are reprehensible of any offense, you will be executed according to the Cyber Law of the State.

We are a share accommodation listing website:

This site is for:
Individuals which have occupation and are searching for an occupant or tenant to:
a. Make a Listing for their investment properties by uploading Content; and
b. Scan Listings for individuals who are trying to lease their accommodation as an occupant or co-tenant; and

Individuals looking to rent out their properties to:
a. make a Listing for themselves by transferring Content; and
b. scan for investment properties and to get in contact with individuals who have their own occupations to lease;

On the off chance that you upload your content/information or potentially make a Listing:


A. the convenience the subject of the Listing has been pulled back from rent or after you have filled in the tenant for that property, whichever is prior; or
B. the individual recognized in the Listing that is looking for the property has discovered the renting place and never again needs to look for rent or didn't really needs accommodation for reasons unknown, whichever is prior;

On the off chance that you utilize the Website to peruse or look Listings looking for settlement or a forthcoming inhabitant to fill empty convenience:

In order to make your account on our website, you should sign up with us by giving certain data including your name, email address and your mobile number (business or private). In the wake of making an Account however before uploading your Content, you should enter an authentication code which is sent by us to your mobile.

You must ensure that you details are not disclosed publicly and you will only receive emails for the sites purposes. We may terminate an account of a post, that if we find unacceptable listings we have the right to act or remove it. And take legal action. We reserve the right to terminate your account if you are found guilty of violation of our terms and conditions, we may terminate your account without prior notice depending upon the offence.

These terms and conditions mentioned in this section are subjected to change anytime the site owners like, you are required to regularly visit this page to stay updated with the latest terms and conditions.