⼤大利利亚租房就上aussieflatmates 现在,中国每年年去澳⼤大利利亚留留学或是旅游的⼈人呈逐年年上升趋势。到 了澳⼤大利利亚,⾸首先要做的第⼀一件事就是租房。然⽽而,由于各种⽅方⾯面 的原因,在国外租房是⼀一件很苦恼的事情。那么,有什什么⽅方法让在 ⼤大利利亚租房变得轻松简单呢? 向您介这是澳⼤大利利亚领先的租房和找合 ⽹网站。只要上这个⽹网站,在⾸首⻚页上选择是租房还是找合租,然后 输⼊入⼀一个地址,选择⼀一下类别,最后再填上⾃自⼰己所想要的价格范围, 击搜索。很快所有符合条件的结果都出来了了。 ⽤用aussieflatmates找租房找室友,不仅⽅方便便快捷省⼼心省⼒力力,⽽而且还省 去了了很多不不必要的中介费⽤用。所以如果您在澳洲⽣生活,不不妨去试⼀一 下。

How To Find Best Roommates In Australia for Foreign Students
Studying or working overseas is truly an adventure. Australia is one prime destination for students. The vast subcontinent offers opportunities to grow and experience different cultures, beautiful sights and urban living and is ranked as one of the best in the world. The cost of living is higher than you might experience in your home country. But do not fret, there are ways to be on budget and still enjoy the perks of living in the best cities in Australia. The first on your need list is accommodations. There are a few options available for you if you are a student; you can live on campus in dorms or shared houses that are near or within the campus vicinity. Off-campus, you can look for homestays or house sharing with roommates.

As a student, you can opt for on-campus accommodations. Dorms and shared houses within Uni’s are the easiest solution. But, these are more expensive than off-campus options. Dorm residency can run from A$8,000 to A$10,000 per semester. The positive side is you’d save on transportation and make fast friends with schoolmates also living on campus.
Homestay is the second option, sort of an immersion program for foreign students to get to know Australian culture in a close-knit family setting. This also includes meals. It is still more expensive than renting a private house with other students or roommates. Homestays cost from A$110 to A$300 per week depending on the type of home, meals and other inclusives.
House Sharing or renting is the best option cost wise. You can find good deals with rental platforms such as and widen your knowledge about house sharing and the homestay culture. For a bare room, you can expect the cost to be A$80 to A$200 depending on the location, necessities and amenities included in the house sharing contract.

You can browse and learn your options ahead of time but do not commit or finalize your accommodations before you set foot on Australian soil. Educate yourself enough first as to the different choices and determine which type fits your budget, the lifestyle you want while studying abroad, other living expenses and weight on other positive points of each choices. Such as, homestays are far less expensive than living on campus, and with meals included that’s one less worry for you, but then you also have to abide by the home’s house rules, which can be more restrictive than having your own house to share with roommates.