About Us

Jennifer Lim

Entrepreneur, Business Developer, & Gaming Officer


Graduate of BSHRM, Major in Management Cert. lll in Business


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About Us

Aussieflatmates.com.au ( Registered under ABN: 34 198 740 287 ) is a share accommodation website with the vision to provide Australian community an excellent service. It is a quick & time efficient way of room/ housemates/ team-ups hunting without the need to travel for room inspections, and allows landlords/ room- owners to be able to have their spare room rented out quickly.

Based in Melbourne, we are concentrated mainly on helping students as tenants here and abroad including holiday workers finding hassle free accommodations in Australia.

Aussieflatmates.com.au will be giving .50c of every membership's fee to the building of new homes in Philippines for the disadvantage people living in the remote areas.

“ Listings are active, up-to-date and constantly monitored.”

“ Your data is secured and will not be shared elsewhere. You will only be contacted regarding your listings, searches & memberships. ”